NEC launched NOIF2500

NEC Corporation has launched NOIF2500 that converts digital video signals into optical signals and can be transmitted over long distances of up to 160km through an optical fiber. The transmission supports uncompressed high-quality video without relays. According to customer needs, the transmission distance and the wavelength can be selected.

The long-distance transmission of up to 160km is achieved by SFP – Small Form Factor Pluggable optical transceiver module, an industry standard for compact optical transceivers that was established through a range of optical communications related manufacturers.

SFP enables the optical module to perform CWDM/DWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing / Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) wavelength multiplexing and to select long transmission distances without relays.

A wide variety of video interfaces are available, in addition to the support of a range of applications that include SDH or dark fiber, wavelength, transmission distance, multiple transmission channels, and multi-directional transmission, which may be selected in accordance with user needs. SDH is Synchronous Digital Hierarchy- A standard that governs high-speed digital transmission systems using optical fiber.

Author: Kaniya

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