Saudi Telecom Company Offers Multimedia Services Through FTTH

Offering multimedia services to subscribers is one of the attractions of Fiber to the home internet broadband connection. High-quality multimedia service is possible through a fiber optic connection. Saudi Arabia’s national telecom operator Saudi Telecom Company announced the launch of high-quality multimedia services to its subscribers through the fiber to the home high-speed internet connection.

Parents in Saudi Arabia will have control over the content that can be accessed through an internet connection by using the parental control feature of the service. High-speed internet through fiber optic cables will be attractive if high-quality multimedia services are offered to the public. FTTH is going to make internet services more tempting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Telecom Company will offer 40Mbps and 100Mbps broadband connections to its subscribers.

The high-speed broadband services in Saudi Arabia is branded as ‘Invision’ to the homes and ‘Verve’ to the business and commercial establishments. The Invision opens up a wide world of opportunities for e-learning, video conferencing, watching television channels and online shopping to the public. While offering the services to its subscribers, STC has taken care to comply fully with the nation’s law and restrictions. STC will have control over the content that can be accessed through this highspeed internet.

Saudi Arabia has a vast network of fiber optic cables to support a full-fledged offering of fiber to the home offering to its citizens. For many years STC has been investing in the laying of fiber optic cables in the nation. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in middle east Asia that has an area of about two-thirds of India and one-fifth of the United States with a population of approximately 26 million. Out of this 26 million population, around 6 million are expatriates mostly from Asian countries.

Saudi Arabia has nearly 4.17 million telephone lines and approx. 45 million mobile cellular subscribers. Internet users are nearly 9.8 million. Major submarine fiber optic cable systems have landing stations in Saudi Arabia. FLAG, SEA-ME-WE3, and SEA-ME-WE4 connect Saudi Arabia to South East Asian countries, other middle east countries, African and European countries.

Saudi Telecom has the major share of internet subscribers in the Kingdom. Expatriate society and their contribution to the Saudi economy is significant. Most of the expatriates living in multi-dwelling units or villa type accommodations. In Saudi Arabia, there are bachelor accommodations of expatriates where the foreigners live in a group in villas provided by the employer. Such villas are away from the cities. High-speed internet and the new multimedia services will be much beneficial to the migrants.

The old houses in Saudi Arabia are individual houses made of soil and wood. The connection to such type of houses will be based on individual case and suitability. Connecting multi-dwelling apartments in the cities will be much easier. Saudi Telecom Company already had issued specifications for fiber optic cables that shall be used for access and premise networking. As we have written in previous emails, Saudi Arabia has four fiber optic cable manufacturers. Riyadh cables, Middle East Fiber Cables, Saudi Cables, and Amwaj are engaged in the production of different varieties of fiber optic cables suitable for long-haul to premise networking.

Fiber optic cable suppliers from the neighboring countries such as Oman fiber optic company and many Chinese suppliers are also active in the Saudi fiber optic market. Recently Indian fiber optic cable suppliers like Sterlite had also made their presence in the Saudi market.

Fiber to the home high-speed broadband services will boost up business establishments as it will bring more people to online shopping. Statistics show the online shopping trend is increasing in Saudi Arabia. 100Mbps internet speed will bring real satisfaction to the user. Fiber to the home is no more only a privilege to the subscribers of developed countries. It is a reality now in many developing countries.

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