OCC Submarine Cables Will Connect Kagoshima and Okinawa

Japan based NEC’s subsidiary, OCC Corporation will manufacture submarine fiber optic cables that would connect Kagoshima and Okinawa islands. NEC has been selected by the Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company to deploy submainre link between the southern prefecture of Japan.

OCC is the only cable manufacturing company in Japan, which can manufacture optical submarine cables that are capable to withstand a water pressure from 8,000 m deep seas. OCC employs special skills and experiences gained from its past supplies to design and manufacture submarine optical fiber cables for its domestic and international customers.

NEC will provide the optical submarine cable system as a turnkey solution. This cable system is scheduled to start operation in April 2020.

This cable system will connec the Nago City in Okinawa Prefecture and the Hioki City in Kagoshima Prefecture, with a total length of approximately 760 km and a maximum depth of approximately 1,200 m. The cable system employs the latest optical wavelength multiplex transmission method, and the maximum design transmission capacity is 80 Tbps.

By connecting the cable between Okinawa and Kagoshima via a different route from the existing cable, this cable can secure a backup line in the event of a large-scale disaster or other emergency. In addition, this cable system will respond to the demand for communications between the Okinawa, Kyushu and Honshu regions of Japan, which is expected to continue growing in the future due to the construction of data centers in Okinawa and the launch of 5G services.

OCC produce mainly two types of submarine fiber optic cables such as SC300 and SC500. Submarine cables may contain electrical cores as well.

Features of OCC-SC300 Submarine Cables

A highly reliable and robust cable to to withstand water pressure, which is desgined based on the steel segmented core to provide stable optical, electrical and mechanical properties. OCC applies various protection layers to provide resistane to the harsh undersea environments. These cables can be used for repeatered and repeaterless submarine communication and submarine observatory systems.

OCC SC300 model cables ooffer a xaximum fiber count of 16 fibers with an outer diameter of approximately 20mm. These cables can be laid at a depth of 8 kilometers maximum and has a breaking strength of more than 98,000 Netwons. The cables with a rated voltage of 15kV DC weigths just above 800 kilograms in air.

Features of OCC-SC500 Submarine Cables

OCC SC500 model cables are designed to delivers the same level of optical electrical and mechanical properties as that of the OCC-SC300 cable series in a new eco friendly small size design.

Applications of this model also includes repeatered and repeaterless submarine communication systems and submarine observatory systems

Maximum number of fibers in OCC SC500 model is 12 fibers and will have a typical outer diameter of approx. 17mm. OCC SC500 cables can also be deployed at a sea depth of 8 kilometers maximum. These cables will have a breaking strength of 77,000 Newtons. The rated voltage for the cable is DC 15kV and the cable weighs 600 kilograms in the air.

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